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Places To Visit In Badrinath Sightseeing

Badrinath Temple

Badrinath is one of the holy four Dham of India and Uttarakhand. Badrinath Dham is situated in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state, this holy dham is situated at an altitude of about 3135 meters above sea level. This famous Badrinath Dham was founded by Adi Guru Shankaracharya in the 9th century. Badrinath temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Inside the temple, the statue of Lord Vishnu is made of a black rock (Saligram stone). This temple is situated on the banks of the holy Alaknanda river. The main entrance of the temple it has been prepared by colourful ‘Singh-Dwara’ artistic composition. In the months of May to October, millions of pilgrims travel to this holy place every year. During the winter months, the temple is remains closed due to heavy snowfall in this area. Badrinath or Badrinarayan Temple is a Hindu temple. This holy temple is situated between two mountain ranges called Nar and Narayan. This temple of Lord Vishnu, built in ancient style is very spacious. Its height is about 15 meters. According to Shankaracharya's arrangement, the priest of this temple is from the state of Kerala in South India. This temple is divided into three parts, the Sanctum, the Darshan Pavilion and the Sabha Pavilion. There are 15 statues installed inside the Temple of Badrinath. This temple is also called "Vaikunth of Earth".

According to legend, this place was arranged in the form of Lord Shiva land (Kedar Land). Lord Vishnu was searching for a place for his meditation and he liked the land of Shiva near Alaknanda. At the present Charanpaduka of the place, he took the form of a child near the confluence of Rishi Ganga and the Alaknanda river and started crying. Listening to their crying, Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva came to the child and asked the child what you want, then the child demanded the place of Shiv Land (Kedar Land) to meditate. In this way, Lord Vishnu attained from Lord Shiva Mother Parvati to making Shiva land (Kedar Land) meditate. This holy place is also known today as named of Badri Vishal. Badrinath Temple is an interesting story of being Badrinath name. It is said that once Goddess Lakshmi got angered with Lord Vishnu and went to the maternal home. Then Lord Vishnu started penance to make happy Goddess Lakshmi. When Goddess Lakshmi's displeasure over, then Goddess Lakshmi reached the place looking for Lord Vishnu, where Lord Vishnu was doing penance. At that time, there was a forest of Badri (plum) at that place. Sitting in that tree, Lord Vishnu had done penance, therefore Lakshmi Ji named Lord Vishnu as "Badrinath".

Tapt Kund

There is a hot water source near the Tapt Kund Badrinath temple. This kund is situated on the banks of the holy Alaknanda River. Pilgrims take a bath in this holy kund before going to the temple. It is said that this kund of hot water has medicinal properties, Disease related to skin are cured by bathing in this kund. In this kund there is so much hot water that the pilgrim can not take a bath for a long time. This attracts amazing kund pilgrims.

Brahma Kapal

Brahma Kapal is a holy ghat situated on the banks of the river Alakananda, which is a holy and important place for the Hindus because they pay pind dan at this place for the dead souls of their ancestors. It is believed that Lord Brahma himself is present at this place, so if one performs rituals and pind dan in this place for the peace of the dead souls of their ancestors, then their soul receives salvation from the cycle of birth and death. It is believed that after killing Brahma, Lord Shiva was relieved of the curse on this place. Therefore, Brahma Kapal is considered to be a holy place.

Neelkanth Peak

Neelkanth is a magnificent snowy peak near Badrinath. This peak is situated at an altitude of about 6,596 meters above sea level. Neelkanth peak is also known as named of Garhwal Queen, the name of this peak is named after Lord Shiva. The Neelkanth peak is a snowy peak in the shape of the pyramid, at this peak, the sun castes its first ray. At that time a spectacular view of this peak can be seen. Himalaya's Neelkanth is a major peak in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, which is one of the best trekking trails in Uttarakhand. To reach here, 8 km have to travel on foot (Trek). Neelkanth Peak is the center of attraction in this area.

Mata Murti Temple

Mata Murti Temple is situated at a distance of 3 km from Badrinath. This is a holy Hindu temple, which is situated on the banks of the holy Alaknanda river. This is devoted to the Mata Murti Devi Temple God Nar and Narayan's mother. According to mythology, it is believed that Mata Murthy prayed to the next incarnation of Lord Vishnu to get out of her womb. After that Lord Vishnu was pleased and took birth on the earth to kill the demons in the form of Nar and Narayana. Here a fair is organized every year in the month of August. At this fair, Shri Badrinathji is worshiped with the devotion of mother Mata Murti. At the time of worship of Mata Murti, pilgrims travel here to join worship.

Charan Paduka

Charan Paduka is a beautiful and holy rock, in which there are imprints of Lord Vishnu's feet. This holy place is situated about 3 km from Badrinath, which attracts pilgrims, millions of pilgrims come to darshan this holy place. This holy place is located at an altitude of about 3380 feet above sea level. It is believed that when Lord Vishnu came down from the Vaikunth, he put his first step here, whereby his footprints were the printed on this place. His footprints are still present in this place, which is why this place is known as Charan Paduka.

Narad Kund

Narad Kund is located in the left side of the Badrinath temple and near the Taptkund. This kund is a hot water source. This hot water flows from the bottom of the Garur Shila and falls into this kund. Before going to Badrinath temple devotees take a dip in this kund. It is believed that Adi Shankaracharya recovered the idol of Lord Vishnu from this kund. The name of this kund is named after the name of Devarshi Narad Muni, who wrote Narada Bhakti Sutra on here. This kund is situated on the banks of the holy Alakananda river. It is said that this kund of hot water has medicinal properties. So much in hot water in this kund that the pilgrim cannot take a bath for a long time. This attracts amazing kund pilgrims.

Bhim Pul

Bhim Pul is about 4 km from Badrinath, which is built on the Saraswati river. It is believed that Bhim, second brother of Pandav brothers, made this natural pul for his wife Draupadi. According to mythology, when the five brother Pandav and his wife Draupadi started traveling to heaven from a place called Swargarohini, During the journey, in the middle of the Saraswati river which was flowing at a high speed, Draupadi was unable to cross the river, then Bhim lifted a huge rock and placed between two rocks above the river, which is today known as Bhim Pul is known from.

Vyas Cave

Vyas Gufa or Vyas Cave has located just a short distance from Badrinath Temple near Mana village. Vyas cave is an ancient natural cave, where Maharshi Ved Vyas ji did to meditate. It is believed that at this place, Maharishi Ved Vyas ji composed the famous epic Mahabharata with the help of Lord Ganesha. This cave is dedicated to Maharishi Ved Vyas. Inside the cave, their statue is established. The cave has a specific roof, which like the pages, resembles the collection of sacred scripts. This cave is the center of a major attraction for pilgrims, where pilgrims come to darshan. This is an attracted spot.

Ganesha Cave

Ganesha Cave is a natural mysterious cave situated in the Mana village, which is about 4 km from Badrinath. According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Ganesha wrote the famous epic Mahabharata on the saying of Maharishi Ved Vyas ji here. Ganesha cave is situated near the famous Vyas cave. It is a religious cave that holds religious significance in people's lives. Millions of pilgrims come to darshan this sacred cave. This cave attracts pilgrims.


Sheshnetra is a sacred place, situated only a short distance from the Badrinath temple. Sheshnetra is on the opposite banks of the holy Alaknanda river. Here is a big stone marked as the snake's eye, which is known as named of Sheshnetra. According to mythology, Lord Vishnu took his retreat on a snake by named Anantha Shesha. It is believed that Sheshnetra protects the holy Badrinath temple. During the visit, the pilgrims come to darshan this holy place, this place attracts pilgrims. Sheshnetra is one of the main pilgrimage sites of Badrinath.

Panch Dhara And Panch Shila

There is a group of five famous water streams in Badrinath. The names of these five streams are as follows - Prahalad, Kurma, Bhrigu, Urvashi and Indira Dhara. Indira Dhara is the most striking stream of these streams, which is situated at a distance of 1.5 km from Badrinath. Urvashi Dhara is situated on the right side of the Rishi Ganga river. Bhrigu Dhara passes through the caves. The water of the Kurma Dhara is very cold while Prahalad is the hot water of the Dhara.

There are five famous Shila in Badrinath, which names are - Garud, Nar, Narsingh, Varah and Markandeya Shila. This five shila is located in the close of the nearby Taptkund of Badrinath temple. Narada Shila is between Taptkund and Narad Kund. Near the Narad Kund, there is a Varah Shila, which is in the shape of a boar. Varah is considered as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Saint Rishi used to meditate on Markendeya Shila.

Satopanth Tal

Satopanth Tal is a beautiful lake situated in Badrinath of Uttarakhand state. This lake is located in the middle of the snow-covered peaks at an elevation of about 4,600 meters above sea level. This lake has a religious significance for the locals. It is believed that Tridev Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh used to take bath in this holy lake. It is a triangular lake, and every corner of the lake is named after these three gods. This lake is one of the sacred lakes of the Garhwal Himalayan region. It is believed that after bathing here, the sins committed by humans are destroyed. Satopanth Tal is also known for trekking in Uttarakhand. During trek, many small streams, villages, alpine meadows and dense jungle have to go through. Journey to Satopanth is a paradise for a trekker.

Mana Village

Mana Village is a small village located in Badrinath of Chamoli district. This village is about 4 km away from Badrinath. This village is situated at a height of about 3000 feet above sea level. This village is on the banks of the holy Saraswati river. Mana village is the last village of India, which is attached to the Tibbet-India border. Here is Mana pass, through which trade was done between India and Tibet before years. There are many historical places here. The name of this village, the devotee of Lord Shiva is named after Manibhadra Dev. It is said that this village is curse-free and the person who comes here gets liberation from sins. According to the local people, named Manik Shah was a businessman, who was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. During a business trip, the robbers cut his head separated. But even then his head was chanting Shiva. Pleased with his obeisance, Lord Shiva put the head of a Varah on his torso. After this, Manibhadra worship started in the Mana village. Lord Shiv boons Manik Shah that the poorness of the person will be overcome when the Mana village comes. In this village, Ganesh Ji composed Mahabharata on the request of Vyasa sage. Not only this, after the end of the Mahabharata war, through this village along with Pandav Draupadi, the Swargarohini went to heaven till the ladder.

Vasudhara Falls

Vasudhara Falls is a beautiful natural waterfall situated near Mana village ahead of Badrinath in Uttarakhand. Vasudhara Falls is a tourist destination in Badrinath, which is the center of attraction for tourists. This place is surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks. The water of this waterfall falls down the height of 400 feet. The water of this waterfall looks like milk while flowing under the mountain. Vasudhara Falls is a unique match of the beauty, clean and pure water nature. The unique beauty and tranquil atmosphere here attracts tourists. This place is one of the popular places for trekking, this trek starts from Mana village, there are pebbles and stones in the route during the trekking, which on is a bit difficult to walk on.

Saraswati River

Saraswati river is a tributary river of the Alaknanda river flowing in Uttarakhand state. This is a sacred river, which is situated in the Mana village further of Badrinath, and Vyas flows through near the cave. At this place, this holy river becomes extinct. It is believed that Vyas ji on saying, then Ganesha ji was writing Mahabharata, Lord Ganesha was unable to listen to them by the noise of the flow of the Saraswati river, therefore Vyas ji cursed him and they disappeared within the earth. Here, the Saraswati river can easily be seen while going inside the earth. It is said that after that, the three holy rivers Saraswati, Ganga and the Yamuna meet in Allahabad, at the same is the confluence site of these three holy rivers, which is also known as named of Triveni.

Surya Kund

Surya Kund is a sacred hot water source located in Badrinath. This kund is next to the Taptkund near the Badrinath temple. There is a source of hot water in the Surya Kund, pilgrims take a bath in this kund before going to the holy Badrinath temple. This kund holds a religious significance for pilgrims. The famous Narada Kund is near the Surya Kund because the idol of Lord Vishnu was discovered in this kund.


Swargarohini is a famous peak located in Badrinath of Uttarakhand state. The Swargarohini is at the altitude of about 6252 meters. According to mythology, the hero Pandavas of Mahabharata and his wife Draupadi started traveling to this holy place to go to heaven, But four brothers and their wife Draupadi abandoned their body one by one while walking on the route. After that Pandavas elder brother Yudhishthar and Swan (Dog) went ahead with them to go to heaven. From this place, they both went to heaven. It is said that here there are stairs to go to heaven, which does not show cause for snow and clouds. That is why this place is known as named of Swargarohini. To reach here, you have to go by trek. Excessive snow and due to the lack of oxygen, traveling here is very difficult. The trekkers reach half way and come back after seeing this place from a distance because going forward can be proven dangerous.

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