Camping in Rishikesh

Only as soon as you proceed throughout nature's majesty under chilly night, sitting with the sexy fire, viewing the five-star celebrity, probably the very influential character bothers you. Uttarakhand may become your local area where peaks and bonfires make an exhilarating prospect to find yourself a traveler.

camping in rishikesh

Make plans for your swimming pool in Rishikesh and be enthralled by what you can take part in a variety of things to do. Rishikesh's peaks, an ecologically controlled ecosystem with professionally managed panoramic views, and a pristine shoreline make it an ideal location to enjoy every day or two.

These hotels provide essential services and offer delicious meals and many activities that will make your holiday more exciting. A camping trip in these locations could serve as the ideal or optimal reduction the weekend of this Saturday and Sunday! Camping in Rishikesh is well-known due to the presence of many vacationers and their experiences.

Suppose you're looking for a visit to a pool close to Rishikesh, and we offer a variety of daily activities to take advantage of. In that case, you'll be able to get the most out of the short vacation.


River rafting, personal body surfing and cliff-jumping, bonfire bowling on the site, and badminton are some of the most exciting things to do, despite choosing to camp and take a vacation from Rishikesh.


Having these complete and perfect locations to live out of your bike's closet and style in Rishikesh has been a blast.

Rishikesh, India, is an ideal destination for river rafting and camping. Camping choices range from basic to luxurious camping, including tents close to the Ganges River. River rafting can also be enjoyed on the Ganges and vary from easy to challenging rapids. Local travel agents can organize both.

In addition to river rafting and camping, Rishikesh is renowned for its adventurous sports and spiritual ambiance. Other well-known activities include kayaking, ziplining, and yoga. The city also has numerous temples and ashrams, making it a place for religious pursuits. It is situated in the northern region of Uttarakhand and is accessible from Delhi via train or road.


The type of camping you can find in Rishikesh


Rishikesh Camping options in Rishikesh range from basic tents to luxurious ones and include all the modern amenities. A few of the most well-known types of camping are:

Luxurious camping The most luxurious tents provide comfy beds and bathrooms that are private, as well as other modern amenities.


Camping adventure: Camping options for experience provide outdoor activities such as kayaking, river rafting, and bonfires.


Campsites for beach camping A few camping areas are situated on the sandbank of the Ganges River, offering a beach camping experience.


Riverside camp: Riverside campsites are found close to the Ganges River and offer scenic views and water-based sports.

Campsites in the Jungle: Jungle camping options are found in the surrounding forest and provide a rustic camping experience with limited facilities.


Whatever the reason you choose, camping in Rishikesh is an authentic and thrilling way to enjoy the beauty and adventure of the area.


The best time to visit Rishikesh


The ideal time to visit Rishikesh is to go camping or river rafting between September through June and in the months when weather conditions are friendly, and the water levels within the Ganges River are suitable for rafting. The monsoon season that runs from July through August is ideal for these activities since the river's water levels are high, and the conditions could be hazardous.

In addition, February through April is the busiest time for tourists in Rishikesh, and the city could be crowded, so it is advised to book accommodation and make reservations before your visit.


Adventure sport in Rishikesh


Here are some top adventures offered in Rishikesh:

The River Rafting: Rafting on the Ganges River is one of the most popular things in Rishikesh. The rapids vary from gentle to strenuous, making them ideal for experienced and novice river rafters. Rafting trips range between a couple of hours to many days.

Bungee Jumping: The bungee jumping platform in Rishikesh is situated over the Ganges River and offers a thrilling experience for those looking to get their adrenaline pumping. The jump is around an 83-meter (272 feet) high.

Zip Lining: Zip lining in Rishikesh is a way to glide through the woods on a cable made of steel with stunning perspectives of the countryside.

Kayaking in the Ganges River is another popular excursion in Rishikesh; the trips range from a couple of hours to many days.

Rock Climbing is the sport of rock climbing and is accessible in Rishikesh with routes that range from beginner to advanced.


It is advised to select a reputable adventure sports business and adhere to all safety rules for a safe and enjoyable experience.


Visits to places to go to in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is famous for its beauty in nature, along with its spiritual environment and sports that are adventure-oriented. These are the top destinations to visit in Rishikesh:

Triveni Ghat: A holy bathing place along the banks of the Ganges River where pilgrims come to bathe in the sacred water.


Laxman Jhula is An elevated bridge that crosses the Ganges River, offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills, and is a popular location to take photos.

Neer Garh Waterfall, A stunning waterfall within the surrounding forest, is accessible via an excursion.

Beatles Ashram An ashram that was graffitied used to be the home of the Beatles on their spiritual journey to Rishikesh.

Parmarth Niketan is one of the more well-known ashrams in Rishikesh, offering yoga, spiritual classes, and a regular Ganges Aarti ceremony.

Rajaji National Park: A nearby national park, it has a diverse range of wildlife, including elephants, tigers, and leopards.


These are only a few of the many attractions and experiences Rishikesh offers. Rishikesh is a location that has something to offer all ages, including adventure sports, beautiful scenery, to spiritual activities.


Different types of rafting options in Rishikesh

The river rafting experience in Rishikesh gives different kinds of rafting experience, which range from easy to difficult according to the difficulty of the rapids. Here are some most popular rafting options that are available:

Mild Rafting: These gentle trips are ideal for novices and families. These trips take you through calmer parts of the Ganges River with fewer rapids, providing a relaxed and beautiful adventure.

Medium Rafting: Medium rafting excursions include more challenging sections of rivers with moderate rapids. These trips are appropriate for those who have some previous experience rafting.

Advanced Rafting: The advanced rafting tours take you through the most challenging parts of rivers that feature rapid-moving rapids that are white and fast. These trips are ideal for experienced rafters and require more ability and endurance.

Multi-day Rafting: These multi-day trips include longer sections of the river and camping along its banks. These trips give you a more immersive experience and allow you to spend more time exploring the surroundings.


Whatever the rafting experience, it is essential to choose an experienced rafting company that adheres to all safety guidelines to have a safe and enjoyable adventure on the water is crucial.


The Rafting Grades in Rishikesh


The rafting rapids in Rishikesh are graded on a scale ranging from 1 to 5, where one is the easiest and five extremely difficult. This is a brief overview of the rafting grade in Rishikesh:

Grade 1: Light rapids with low waves ideal for families and beginners.

Grade 2: Moderately troughs with moderate waves, suitable for those with prior rafting experience.

Grade 3: Extremely challenging rapids with large waves are suitable for experienced river rafters.

Grade 4: Extremely challenging rapids, with strong currents and intense waves suitable for experienced rafters.

Grade 5: Challenging rapids with vast waves and turbulent currents ideal for skilled and experienced rafters.


It is vital to select the rafting experience compatible with your level of expertise and skill and adhere to all the company's safety guidelines.


Name of the rapids


Rishikesh is famous for its beauty and scenic beauty, as well as the demanding rapids on the Ganges River. Here are a few of the most famous rapids in Rishikesh:

Three Blind Mice Three Blind Mice: A rapid with three waves of enormous size.

Black Money: A rapid with huge waves and a strong flow.

The Wall A rapid that has an impressive drop and mighty wind.

The Golf Course is a rapid one with an extensive channel and huge waves.

Cross Fire Rapids with interfering currents create cross-shaped waves.

The Roller Coaster is a rapid one with an array of waves that give you an experience reminiscent of roller coasters.

Hilton is rapid with huge waves and a strong current, which can be difficult for the rafters.


A handful of rapids in Rishikesh provide a unique and exciting rafting experience. The rapids on the rafting experience may differ per the length of the trip, the intensity of the rapids, and the water levels.


A popular camping area in Rishikesh


Rishikesh is a popular spot for camping, with various camping spots and resorts with stunning views and access to adventurous activities. Here are a few most well-known camping locations in Rishikesh:

Shivpuri is a well-known camping spot located 12km away from Rishikesh. It is known for its beaches with sand and picturesque beauty.

Marine Drive Marine Drive: A picturesque location close to Rishikesh that gives you access to the Ganges River and views of the hills around.

Byasi is A peaceful camping site about 20km from Rishikesh and in a lush forest with rolling hills.

Brahmpuri is a renowned camping area situated about 8 km from Rishikesh and famous for its sand beaches and picturesque beauty.

Rajaji National Park: A close national park offering camping options in a natural and wildlife-rich area.


Many camping spots within and around Rishikesh offer an unforgettable and picturesque camping experience. Each location has unique features and activities; therefore, choosing an area compatible with your preferences and requirements is crucial.


The most affordable camps, with a reasonable price and facilities and location

Rishikesh has a broad range of camping choices, from budget-friendly to luxurious, all featuring unique amenities and features. Here are a few of the most popular camping spots in Rishikesh as well as their rates, locations, and amenities:

Ganga Beach Resort, Shivpuri: A budget-friendly camp in Shivpuri, priced at INR 11,000 per stay. The resort offers basic facilities such as clean and comfortable tents, restrooms, and an eatery.

Ganga View Camp, Byasi: A mid-range camp situated in Byasi, prices start at approximately INR 2500 for a night. The camp has spacious tents, bathrooms, and access to adventurous activities like rafting or kayaking.

Riverstone Adventure Camp, Marine Drive is a mid-priced camp situated on Marine Drive, with prices starting around INR $2500 for a night. The camp has clean and comfortable tents, restrooms, and access to numerous adventures like kayaking, rafting, and climbing on rocks.

Luxe Camps Brahmpuri: A luxury camp in Brahmpuri, prices start at about INR 6000 for a night. The camp has luxury tents, bathrooms, and a restaurant—access to numerous adventures.

Cliff Top Club, Neer Garh Waterfall: A luxurious camping spot near Neer Garh Waterfall. A luxury camp near the Neer Garh Waterfall, with prices that start at INR 6000 per night. The camp features luxury tents, bathrooms, and a restaurant—access to many adventures.

Camp Ganga Vatika: A affordable camp within Rajaji National Park, with rates starting around INR 11,000 per stay. Camp Ganga Vatika offers basic amenities such as clean and comfortable tents, washrooms, and a restaurant.

Camp Wildexis is a mid-range camping facility situated in Byasi, the city of Byasi, and costs start at about INR 2500 per night. The camp has spacious tents, bathrooms, and access to adventure activities like rafting, kayaking, and climbing on rocks.

Riverside Camp Riverside Camp is a mid-range campsite situated within Marine Drive, with prices beginning at 2500 Indian rupees per night. The camp provides clean and comfortable tents, restrooms, and access to various activities like kayaking, rafting, and climbing on rocks.

The Jungle Camp:

An affordable camp inside Rajaji National Park, with prices that start at INR 11,000 per stay. The camp has amenities such as spacious tents, bathrooms, and a restaurant.

Eco Adventure Camp is an affordable camp in Byasi With prices starting at INR 2500 for a night. The camp has spacious tents, bathrooms, and access to adventurous activities like rafting, kayaking, and rock climbing.


There are many other camping alternatives in Rishikesh. Be aware that the costs, facilities, and activities available can differ based on the type of camp and the time of the year.



Camp Wildex

Address-::Near Phoolchatti, Neelkanth Highway, , Rishikesh..

Camp Wildex

C AMP Wildex, Rishikesh can be a riverside jungle camp much from the street and off from everybody. These rapids' nice noise on the lake echoes from the valley and camping around this kind of remarkable all-natural surroundings can be a life adventure inside. Evenings at Orientation are amorous, fun

Shatakshi Group Forest Camp

Address-::Ghattu Ghat, Neelkanth highway, , Rishikesh..

Shatakshi Group Forest Camp

WelCome into Shatakshi Team Forest camp, Rishikesh! Awake into the afternoon together with the chirping of those birds!!! Pass on in huge 5 acres of property. It's roughly thirty - 35 minutes off in your principle Rishikesh bus rack alone. The camp can be the best weekend escape for experience journ

Camp Aqua Forest

Address-::Village Ghattugad, Neelkanth highway, , Rishikesh..

Camp Aqua Forest

We've six high-end A.C. Swiss tents, along with the attached tub. We enjoy the simple fact you won't need to provide many luxuries up throughout your stay together. You won't need to provide hot showers up or even warm water! In AquaForest C AMP, we know that which is necessary to assemble an excell

Cradle of Life Jungle Swiss Camp

Address-::Badal, Shivpuri, Badrinath Highway, Rishikesh..

Cradle of Life Jungle Swiss Camp

Cradle of daily life offers riverside luxurious Swiss cabin alive at which you may enjoy solitude and calmness Nestled in relaxed sophistication at the center of Himalayan mountain ranges. Our primary place includes the woodland environment with a personalized all-natural pool. All our Assortment of

Camp Majestic

Address-::Byasi, Badrinath Freeway, , Rishikesh..

Camp Majestic

C AMP Majestic is a great camping web page at Rishikesh endowed with amazing relaxation, hospitality, and services. It's by far the most appropriate camping web page for both experience seekers and luxurious requirements. It's found in Byasi, 28kms landmark from Rishikesh on Rishikesh -- Badrinath s

Camp Himalayan Gipsy Adventure

Address-::Ghattu Ghat, Neelkanth Road, Rishikesh..

Camp Himalayan Gipsy Adventure

People powering the 'Himalayan Gipsy journey' have become the hospitality marketplace considering that seven decades and those Jungle Camps would be the most current add-on with their group. With all the River Ganga flowing across the campsite, the positioning seems a complete benefit.

Camp Nature View

Address-::Shivpuri Badrinath Highway, Rishikesh..

Camp Nature View

Camp Nature View: 16 km ahead of Rishikesh is a very beautiful adventure camp in nature's lap in Shivpuri,

Rendezvous Rafters Camp

Address-::Rattapani, Neelkanth Highway,, Rishikesh..

Rendezvous Rafters Camp

We've already been to "rendezvous Camp," one of many optimal/optimal rendezvous that offer excellent exceptional, and adventuresome water sports and swimming pool in Rishikesh free of the price tag.

Aspen Adventures Camp

Address-::Ghattu Ghat, Neelkanth Highway,, Rishikesh..

Aspen Adventures Camp

Aspen Adventures has been reputed to become just one of the Main Journey Tour Operators in India. Within an experience established corporation, we concentrate on running venture apps such as Business, educational institutions, and efficiencies all over the country. We put an enormous focus on basic

River valley Resort

Address-::Ghattu Ghat, Neelkanth Road, Rishikesh..

River valley Resort

River-valley hotel can be a riverside jungle camp much from the street and off from everybody. These rapids' nice noise on the lake echoes from the valley and camping around this kind of remarkable all-natural surroundings can be a life adventure inside. Evenings at Orientation are amorous, fun-fill

Jiyo Heval Camp

Address-::Rattapani, Neelkanth Highway,, Rishikesh..

Jiyo Heval Camp

Jiyo Heval Camp & Vacation Resort is a fresh enterprise capitalist from the hospitality sector in Rishikesh, at Uttarakhand, frequently Known as Dev Bhoomi - Which Means Abode of Rings. Inspired by scenic magnificence, enchanting greenery along with hot water bodies, their country has cultivated a b

Royale Rainbow Resort

Address-::Palel, Neelkanth Highway,, Rishikesh..

Royale Rainbow Resort

Roy Al Rainbow Camp Resort, A superb location for the loved ones and good friends, provides you with the ability to acquire joy from a character from the arms of this celestial river Ganges along with also the considerable green Himalayas. We provide lodging in comfortable and huge Korean Camps with

The Birds Resort

Address-::Mohan Chatti Road , Rishikesh..

The Birds Resort

Bird Vacation Resort is situated in Neelkanth / / Ghattu Ghat - Mohan Chatti Highway Rishikesh. Bird vacation resort spot is an amazing natural Village Valley. All of Jungle Cement Cottage offer you power in Circle, connected bath with water. Bird vacation resort situated within the fresh, delightfu

The Paradise Huts

Address-::Ghattu Ghat, Neelkanth Road, Rishikesh..

The Paradise Huts

Nakshatra Resort

Address-::Rattapani, Neelkanth Road, Rishikesh..

Nakshatra Resort

Nakshatra holiday resort can be eco-friendly pleasant, luxurious Cottages surrounded by amazing shore viewpoints. Luxurious cottages can be found in the vicinity of Heval River, 1-2 Kms in"Rishikesh." Due to these jungles' panoramic splendor & natural, Cottages is a great location for Organic Swim




    When camping and rafting in Rishikesh, you should bring comfortable clothing and footwear, a waterproof bag for your belongings, sunblock, insect repellent, and a hat or other head covering. Bring a camera, sunglasses, and a first-aid kit.

    Ans. Yes, it is safe.


    yes its allowed


    The cost of camping and rafting in Rishikesh can vary widely depending on the level of comfort and luxury you are looking for, as well as the rafting you choose to do. Budget-friendly camping options can cost as little as INR 1000 per night, while luxury camping options can cost upwards of INR 6000 per night. Rafting costs can range from INR 500 to INR 2500 or more, depending on the length of the trip and the rafting you choose.


    The best time to go camping and rafting in Rishikesh is from September to June.


    Camping and rafting in Rishikesh can be safe. Still, it is essential to choose a reputable camp or rafting operator and to follow safety guidelines and rules at all times. It is also essential to be aware of the risks involved and to take steps to minimize them, such as wearing a life jacket and following instructions from guides and staff.


    Yes, children can go camping and rafting in Rishikesh. Still, it is essential to choose age-appropriate activities and to closely supervise children at all times. Some camps and rafting operators may have age restrictions or other requirements, so it is essential to check beforehand.