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Snow Carnival in Auli in the last week of February

Snow Carnival in Auli in the last week of February

Publish Date:- 2019-02-05

Snow Carnival is being organized in the last week of February in the Auli tourist site. For this, the tourism department has prepared the full blueprint of the Snow Carnival. It has been placed before Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj. Now the date is finalized to be finalized.

This time there is tremendous snowfall in Auli of Chamoli district. From this the tourism department is excited. Tourists are also growing in Auli. Taking advantage of good snowfall, preparation of the tourism department is to make international level skiing championships in Auli. Waiting for the approval of the Indian Olympic Association for this. The state is setting a separate program for the grand ceremony of the Snow Carnival at its own level. In the last week of February, there are preparations for bringing tourists from India and abroad to the Snow Carnival. This will be a different kind of organized in the Auli itself. Which will be the first time in Auli. Snow making machine is being used in the Auli to keep the snow in the current time of March. So that the snow can stay for a long time and the tourists can enjoy it.

Skiing course also started in Auli

GMVN has started skiing courses in Auli. 7-day and 14-day skiing courses are being organized. 30 seats for the 7-day course and 10 seats for the 14-day course have been kept.

Not organized in Auli for 4 years

There has been no snowfall in the Auli since last long. Because of this, GMVN had to discontinue its organizing every year. After the year 2014, there no snowfall. Even if the snowfall, the snow could not survive for more than one two days. Snowfall at this time, of the snow March, is expected to last for more than second weeks.

Tourism business will grow

Fierce snowfall in Auli not only opens the way for big skiing competition, but it also has started increasing the movement of tourists in private resorts and hotels including GMVN. To reach Auli now, the road has not been opened in the right way. Tourists are reaching the Auli from the ropeway.


Awaiting approval from the Olympic Association

The National Junior Skiing Contest is to be organized in Auli in February itself. The Olympic Association has given its approval to this, but the dates are not yet announced. Preparation of the tourism department is also to organize South Asian skiing competition. Just wait is the approval of the Olympic Association.

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Snow Carnival in Auli in the last week of February

Snow Carnival in Auli in the last week of February