7 reasons why should be in Auli in the winter season

There is heavy snowfall in Auli in the winter season. Do not waste your and your family time sitting at home. If you are interested in playing skiing and snow with your family, welcome to Auli. Skiing is organized in the snow in the winter season in Auli. If you want to see the snow in winter then you should go Auli because Auli is a good place for you. Auli offers a great experience in the winter season, you just need to get out of your house and city. Come to Auli with your friends and family and enjoy watching the snow and playing in it.

1. The Travel: Enjoy watching nature from the window of the vehicle

Let's move to Auli through the mountainous roads. While drive along the rivers through beautiful green mountains, enjoy seeing beautiful scenes of nature. You will seeing also find many beautiful small villages, fields and temples on the road. While travelling, you reach Joshimath through the road, after which you will have to go through the Auli ropeway because the road is closed due to snow in the winter.

2. The good place to see Sunset and Sunrise

Auli is one of the most beautiful places to see sunset and sunrise. At sunrise, when the first radiation of the sun falls on the snowy hills, snowy hills look like silver. Eyes are closed by its glow. At the time of sunset, the fell snow on the surrounding hills also appears red clours. At night, the snow in the light of the moon and the stars are visible as if someone has painted the white paint around. Seeing all this scene makes the mind happy.

3. Enjoy Snowfall in Auli

In the winter season, there is heavy snowfall in Auli. To enjoy this snowfall, tourists come from far and wide. As the snow falls, the surrounding place looks like if nature has wrapped a white sheet. Tourists come to Auli to enjoy the snow with their friends and family and enjoy playing in the snow. If you are interested in seeing snow in winter then you can go to Auli. Auli is one of the best places to wander in the winter season. During the winter months in Auli, the snow falls to about 5-6 feet.

4. Enjoy Snow Skiing

Snowy skiing is organized in the Auli due to heavy snowfall during the winter months. To participate in this competition people come from different countries and enjoy snow skiing. Auli is one of the best and most popular destinations for snow skiing in India. There is a course of snow skiing for 7 and 14 days by Uttrakhand Tourism Department, which has some fixed seats. Normal snow skiing can also be done here, which any common people can easily do. If you are interested in snow skiing, Auli is the best place for that.


5. Ride of Ropeway

Due to heavy snowfall in the winter months, the Auli ropeway can be reached because the road is closed due to snowfall. It is considered Asia's longest ropeway ride, which is also called Gandola in the local language. Sitting in the ropeway, the beautiful panoramic view of the snowy hill and Auli can be seen. The Gandola is a closed box with windows of glass. It runs on the wire of the iron cable. Because of the closure of the road in winter months, tourists reach Auli through this Gandola.

6. Snow Games

Apart from the skiing in the snow in Auli in the winter months, you can play with ice with your friends and family. If you are not interested in skiing, then you can make many kinds of things like house, teddy and many other snow toys. Also, by making ice shells, you can kill each other or bounce over in the air. You can also capture these beautiful moments spent with your friends and family in your camera. Auli is definitely one of the best places to visit in the winter months.

7. Views of the Snow Hills

Auli is a beautiful hill station. When you go to a hill station, you see a beautiful green hill all around, Auli is exactly the same. The beautiful main snowy mountain ranges from Auli to Nanda Devi, Hathi Parvat, Trishul, Dunagiri and Kamet are visible. It looks very beautiful to look at all the snowy mountain Auli. Falling snow on the hills around Auli, it looks as if the mountains have covered the white sheet of snow.


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7 reasons why should be in Auli in the winter season