Famous Char Dham of India

Char Dhams of India is considered sacred in the Hindu religion. Char Dham of India is the main pilgrimage centres of Hindu religion. People from all over the world come to visit the Char Dham in India. Among the Char Dhams of India, mainly Jagannath Puri, Badrinath, Dwarka and Rameshwaram are included. It is said in Hindu religion that the person who travels to these Char Dhams of India gets salvation. In these Char Dhams of India, Lord Vishnu is worshipped in different forms. In modern times, these Char Dhams are called the sacred pilgrimage of India. Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath are the Char Dhams of Uttarakhand. These sacred Char Dhams of Uttarakhand are called "Chota Char Dham". But in the famous Char Dhams of India, the Jagannath Puri Temple, Badrinath Temple, Dwarka Temple and Rameshwaram Temple are counted, which is present in all four directions of India.

1. Jagannath Puri Temple - Odisha

Jagannath Puri Temple is located in Puri of Odisha State. In this temple, Lord Krishna is worshipped as Lord Jagannath. Jagannath Puri Temple is famous all over the world. This is the only temple in all India, where with Lord Krishna is worshipped his sister Subhadra and Lord Balabhadra. This famous temple is more than 1000 years old, which was built by King Chodaganga Dev and King Anangabhima Dev III. In this famous temple, you can see excellent examples of ancient artisans.

2. Badrinath Temple - Uttarakhand

Badrinath Temple is situated in the district of Chamoli of the Uttarakhand state. This famous temple is made on the banks of the holy Alaknanda river. Badrinath Temple is a sacred Hindu temple, which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This sacred temple is worshipped Lord Vishnu as Lord Badri Narayan. Badrinath temple is counted in "Chota Char Dhams" of Uttarakhand, in addition to the Char Dhams of India. This sacred temple is between Nar and Narayan two mountain ranges. It is believed that this temple was constructed by Shri Adi Guru Shankaracharya in the 8th century. In ancient times this place was a forest of Badri (plum). Sitting in a plum tree, Lord Vishnu had austerity. Seeing this, Goddess Lakshmi named Lord Vishnu as "Badrinath".

3. Rameshwaram Temple - Tamil Nadu

Rameshwaram Temple is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Rameshwaram Temple is counted in Char Dhams of India as well as in 12 Jyotirlingas of India. This holy temple was built by Lord Shri Ram himself. According to legends, during the exile of Lord Ram, mother Sita was kidnapped by the ruler of Lanka, Ravana. Then Lord Ram had constructed a bridge (Ram Setu) on the ocean to reach Sri Lanka with his brother Laxman and his monkey army to save his wife Sita. Between the bridge construction time, Lord Rama established a Shivaling here, worshipping Lord Shiva, which is today known as Rameshwaram.

4. Dwarka Temple - Gujarat

Dwarka Temple is located in Dwarka of Gujarat State. Dwarka temple is also known as Dwarkadhish Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. This is a Hindu pilgrimage site. Dwarka was the residence of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was also called as Dwarkadhish. Here Lord Krishna was the empire. Dwarka has been taken from the Sanskrit language word 'Dwar', which literally means door. The Dwarka Temple is counted among the famous Char Dhams of India, which is located in the western direction of India's India.


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