Gangolihat is located in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand state, it is a beautiful small hill station of Kumaon area. Gangolihat district headquarters is about 76 km away from Pithoragarh. This place is surrounded by beautiful hills, beautiful surroundings and dense forests of green pine and deodar. Located in the lap of the majestic Himalayas, Gangolihat is known to ancient temples and underground caves. Here are some of the major temples, including the Haat Kalika Temple, Chamunda Temple and Vaishnavi Temple, which are famous in this area. The famous Vaishnavi Temple is located on Shail parvat, from where the magnificent view of the Himalayas is seen. In the underground caves, the Patal Bhuvaneswar temple is quite famous in this area. From Gangolihat, peaks like Panchchuli and Nanda Devi are also clearly looked.

Gangolihat is a small hill station of Kumaon area of Uttarakhand state. This place is quite famous for ancient temples and underground caves. Here are some of the major temples, such as Haat Kalika Temple, Chamunda Temple and Vaishnavi Temple etc. The Vaishnavi temple is located on the Shail Parvat, from where the magnificent view of the Himalaya Mountains is get to see.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to go to Gangolihat< is between October and May. Travelling here in these months is the best and enjoyable. During the winter season, the weather of here is cold. Due to snowfall on the surrounding hills in the winter season, the temperature of here goes down very much. Due to the cold weather of winter, woollen clothing is required here. Due to heavy rains in the rainy season, it is a bit difficult to travel of here because of heavy rains threatening landslides. The temperature of here between from 5°C to 10°C in the winter season and the temperature in the summer season is between 15°C to 25°C.

How To Reach


The nearest airport to Gangolihat is Pantnagar, which is about 218 km from Gangolihat.


The nearest railway station of Gangolihat is Tanakpur, which is about 166 km from Gangolihat.


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