Shri Hemkund Sahib In Ghangaria Uttarakhand


Shri Hemkund Sahib is a famous religious pilgrimage site of the Sikhs located in the Ghangaria of Chamoli district. Sri Hemkund Sahib is situated at a height of about 4330 meters above sea level. At this place, the tenth and final Guru of Sikhs, Guru Govind Singh had meditated. Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara was discovered in 1930 by the havaldar Sohan Singh. This holy site is also called "Lokpal". There is a lake near Shri Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara. This lake is also called the Amrit Sarovar. This lake is about 400 yards long and 200 yards wide. Near the Hemkund Sahib, the Saptrishi peaks are located, on which the symbol mark of the Khalsa sect the flag of the Sahib. Shri Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara and the Lake are surrounded by seven snowy peaks of the Himalayas all around. It is believed that this place exists from the time of Ramayan period. It is said that this is the place where Shri Laxman Ji sat on meditation because of his favourite place. It is also said that In his incarnation of earlier, Govind Singh Ji came here for meditation. Guru Gobind Singh Ji has mentioned his experiences about this place in his autobiography ‘Vichitra Naatak’ (Bizarre Drama). Shri Hemkund Sahib is opened for devotees only for three months in a year. This place is known for its amazing beauty and it is one of the most important gurudwaras.


How To Reach :-

By Air

The nearest airport to Ghangaria is Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun, which is about 298 km away from Ghangaria.

By Train

The nearest railway station of Ghangaria is Rishikesh, which is about 280 km away from Ghangaria.

By Road

Shri Hemkund Sahib is connected up to Govindghat with motorable roads. Shri Hemkund Sahib from to reach, Govindghat to Ghangaria is about 13 km and about 5 km of the trek from Ghangaria.

Best Time To Visit :-

The best time to travel to Shri Hemkund Sahib is between June to October, after that, the journey here is happens closed due to snowfall. Travelling here in these months is the best and enjoyable. In the winter season, the journey of here is closed. During the winter season, the weather of here is cold. Due to heavy snowfall in the winter season, the temperature of here goes down very much. Due to heavy rains in the rainy season, it is a bit difficult to travel of here because of heavy rains threatening landslides.

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