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Daksha Mahadev Temple In Haridwar Uttarakhand


Daksha Mahadev Temple is a famous temple located in Kankhal of Haridwar. This is a very old temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple was constructed by Rani Dhanakaur in 1810 AD and it was rebuilt in the year 1962. This temple is also known as named of "Daksha Prajapati Temple". This temple of Lord Shiva is named after King Daksha Prajapati, father of Goddess Sati (the first wife of Shiva). In this sacred temple, the footprints of Lord Vishnu are made. The temple complex is quite large, in which there are two large statues of lions situated. In the main adytum of the temple, Lord Shiva's vehicle "Nandi Maharaj" is situated. It is said that what is said in the ears of Nandi goes to Shiva's ears and soon the desire is fulfilled. There is a small pit in this temple, it is believed that in this pit Goddess Sati sacrificed his life. There is "Daksha Ghat" on the banks of Ganga near the holy Daksha Mahadev temple, where Shiva devotees get bathing in the Ganges and enjoying the darshan of Lord Shiva. Kankhal is considered as the in-laws of Lord Shiva because the daughter of Daksheshwar Maharaj (Goddess Sati) was married to Lord Shiva. Daksheshwar Maharaj used to live in this place. According to legend, Daksheshwar Prajapati, father of Goddess Sati, organized a yagna at this place. All the Goddesses were invited in Yajna but Daksheshwar Maharaj did not invite Lord Shiva. Seeing this, Lord Siva's wife Sati was very sad and Goddess Sati jumped in the same yagya and sacrificed his body. Listening to this, Virbhadra (which is considered to be the Gan form of Lord Shiva) separated the "Head" torso from Daksheshwar Maharaj. After that Lord Shiva put the "head of a goat" on the cut head of Daksheshwar Maharaj. Hence the name of this temple was kept as "Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple"


How To Reach Daksha Mahadev Temple

By Air

The nearest airport to Haridwar is Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun, which is about 38 km from Haridwar.

By Rail

The nearest railway station of Haridwar is Haridwar, which comes under to the Northern Railway Zone of Indian Railways.

By Road

Daksha Mahadev Temple is located in Kankhal, about 5 km away from Haridwar town.

Haridwar Daksha Mahadev Temple In Haridwar Uttarakhand Photos and Timings