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Mansa Devi Temple In Haridwar Uttarakhand


Mansa Devi Temple is a famous religious pilgrimage site located in Haridwar of Uttarakhand state. This holy temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas, which is dedicated to Ma Mansa Devi. Mansa Devi is considered as a form of power, who is said also to be the sister of Vasuki Nag. Mansa Devi Kashyap was the daughter of the sage, which was manifested from his mind, therefore they are called Mansa. It is believed that both the Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi are two forms of Goddess Parvati, who live close to each other. It is also believed that Mansa Goddess is a power emerged from Lord Shiva's mind. The word 'Mansa' literally means "desire". According to the name, Mansa Ma fulfils the wishes of her devotees. The devotee to fulfil her wishes situated in the temple courtyard, on the branch of the tree, binds a sacred thread. When the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled then devotees come back and open the same thread from the branch. This custom shows immense shraddha, devotion and fidelity towards Ma Mansa. In this temple, there are two statues of Ma Mansa, an idol "eight-arm" and the second idol has "three heads" and "five-arm". With "Chandi Devi" and "Maya Devi" of Haridwar, "Mansa Devi" is also considered as the major in the Siddha Peethas. This temple of Mansa Devi is one of the main religious destinations of Haridwar.


How To Reach Mansa Devi Temple

By Air

The nearest airport to Haridwar is Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun, which is about 38 km from Haridwar.

By Rail

The nearest railway station of Haridwar is Haridwar, which comes under to the Northern Railway Zone of Indian Railways.

By Road

Mansa Devi Temple is located on the Bilwa Parvat. To reach the temple is about 3 km trek from the road. The temple can also be reached through the Ropeway (Udankhatola).

Haridwar Mansa Devi Temple In Haridwar Uttarakhand Photos and Timings