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Naina Devi Temple In Nainital Uttarakhand


Naina Devi Temple is a famous religious temple located in Nainital. This temple is a magnificent temple near Mallital on the banks of Naini Lake. Naina Devi is also famous as the temple's main Shaktipeeths. Naina Devi Temple is mentioned in the Kushan period. Made in the 15th century, the statue of Naina Devi temple was established in the year 1842 by a devotee, Moti Ram Shah. The particular thing about this temple is that the goddess of this temple is not sitting in the temple at its fullest shape, but only in the temple, two Nayan (eyes) of Goddess is present. In this temple is worshipped in the Pindi form of Nayano (eyes) of the mother. According to legend, once the goddess Sati's father Raja Daksh organized a grand yajna, in which he had invited all deities, except Lord Shiva. The yajna had the place of all the gods except Lord Shiva. Seeing this insult of Lord Shiva, Goddess Sati jumped into the yajna kund. Upon hearing the news of jumping in the yajna of Goddess Sati, Lord Shiva happened indignantly and cut off the head of King Daksh. Lord Shiva, while mourning, kept the body of Sati on the shoulder and began Taandav. All the gods began to urge Lord Vishnu to calm Lord Shiva. After that Lord Shiva raised the body of Goddess Sati on the shoulder and rotated in all four directions, During this, Lord Vishnu had split the body of Sati into 51 parts with his Sudarshan Chakra, where-where the Sati's limbs part fell, those places became Shaktipeeth. It is believed that the eyes of Goddess Sati fell on this place. At the place where Sati's Nayan (eyes) fell, Naina Devi became a grand place. This is the reason that this temple was named "Naina Devi Temple".


How To Reach Naina Devi Temple

By Air

The nearest airport of Nainital is Pantnagar, which is about 68 km from Nainital.  

By Rail

The nearest railway station of Nainital is Kathgodam, which is about 34 km from Nainital.

By Road

Naina Devi Temple is located at a distance of about 2 km from Nainital bus stand.

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