Buddha Temple In Dehradun Uttarakhand


Buddha Temple is a famous temple of Lord Buddha located in Dehradun of Uttarakhand state. Buddha Temple is a religious place of Tibetans, located in Clement Town, Dehradun. It is a Tibetan monastery and it is also famous as the Mandoling monastery. The Buddha Temple was constructed in 1965 by the famous "Cohen Rinpoche" and protect the religion of Buddhism and was by many other monks to promote culture. This popular temple is built in Japanese architecture style. The statue of Lord Buddha's 103 feet in this famous temple is very beautiful and the centre of attraction. The height of the Buddha Temple is 220 feet, which is a 5th-floor temple and the ornate decoration on three floors of the Buddha Temple is very beautiful. It is believed that the temple was painted by about 50 artists, who took three years to build such a structure of golden paint and this painting describes the life of Buddha. In the temple premises, rolling the iron's roller made in many places makes every wish complete. There are also many shops, restaurants and a bookshop on the temple premises. In the Buddha Temple, can enjoy a lot of things related to Tibetan culture such as books, his dress, food, architecture and objects made by handicraft etc.


How To Reach :-

By Air

The nearest airport to the city of Dehradun is Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun, which is located about 28 km from Dehradun city.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to the city of Dehradun is Dehradun, which is located about 2 km from Dehradun town centre.

By Road

Buddha Temple is located in Dehradun Clement Town on Delhi-Saharanpur Road, just 4 km from ISBT Dehradun.

Best Time To Visit :-

The best time to visit Buddha Temple is between the months of September to April. Travelling here in these months is the best and enjoyable. During the winter season, the weather of here is cold. Due to cold in the winter season, the temperature of here goes down very much. Due to heavy rains in the rainy season, it is a bit difficult to travel of here because of rains.

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